FlexoGraphic Printing

We print all kinds of Self Adhesive Labels, Water proof Labels, Non Adhesive labels . We have invested in state-of-the-art print technology, materials and products to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturer’s labels, including:

  • Beer labels
  • Wine labels
  • Beauty product labels
  • Health and nutrition labels
  • Engine Oil Labels
  • Industrial and chemical labels
  • Household labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Other labels (and prototypes labels).

We can also print Scratch off foils directly on your product Labels which can be used for Scratch & Win Promos, Authentication of Products etc.

Our print quality is so top notch that clients spot it at a glance. We can create the exact features you want and need (i.e. Rolls & Spreadsheet of different Shapes, Sizes , Colors, etc) Let’s show you how our company can take your otherwise ordinary label and make it into something that gets the feedback you desire. It is easier to get this started than you think. Arrange for a meeting with us in order to get full details of our value added services.

The amazing thing is that the cost of our products is very minimal while the benefits are tremendously huge.