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Hologram Printing in Nigeria

Holographic Security Printing

Security is critical in most situations in today’s environment. We live in an age where counterfeiting of documents and products is widespread and common. Security design, security papers and other specialist anti-counterfeiting applications are used worldwide.

The easiest and most cost effective method to secure documents is to add a distinctive hologram which can be verified by a layperson without special detectors. We are aware that some persons will attempt to counterfeit the hologram and combating this has been taken into consideration. The key to security of a hologram is in the standard and quality of equipment used to create it.

We do not use the standard laser 2D/3D technology that is commonly employed in hologram productions. We have entered into strategic relationships with some of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers for security holograms whose products are widely used on bank notes, visas, cheques, passports, driver’s licenses, medicines, certificates etc. These manufacturers utilize the latest e-beam systems, that are cutting edge technology and proven to be most secure.
O’Naphtali is proud to be the first indigenous printer to offer this service locally in Nigeria.

Our unique holographic solution ensures that existing printed documents can still be made secure, thus not resulting in significant additional costs to the client.


hologram printing in nigeria

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